Over the years many people have asked us what the “D and B” stand for in our name. Daryl Mooney and Boyd O’Halloran were the two entrepreneurs who started the small irrigation business back in 1981.  With That same entrepreneurial spirit we continue to concentrate on new system installation and service primarily in the Westman area ranging from residential systems to commercial landscapes, sports fields and golf course upgrades. We have grown from a 2-man operation to employing full time installers, service technicians and office personnel. Although our focus has not changed a lot over the years, we continue to research and offer the best products to most efficiently apply water over a variety of landscapes.

Our success over the years has also been driven by maintaining a high level of service to our customers both in Brandon and the surrounding areas. In 2008, we introduced our Annual Service Plan which has been a successful program with many benefits. We have extended the plan to our valuable rural customers.

We always appreciate feedback from our customers so that we can continue to improve our service for you.

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