An automated sprinkler system can help you water efficiently if the timer is used properly.

Make sure you use your timer wisely by doing the following:

Adjust your watering schedule to the season. Your landscape needs much less water during the spring and fall than it does during the summer.

Water only between 6 pm and 10 am. Not watering during the hot daytime hours will reduce the amount of water you lose to evaporation.

Don’t water during or after a rainstorm. Historically, Mother Nature has provided about 30-40% of the moisture your lawn needs to remain healthy–take advantage of this gift and help conserve our water resources.

Program your timer to cycle watering events. Clay type soils and areas with mild or steep slopes usually can not absorb water fast enough to prevent it from running off. If such conditions exist in your landscape, program your timer to water for several shorter periods, with about an hour in-between, to let the water soak into the soil.

Keep the battery in your timer fresh and a copy of your schedule nearby If the power fails and your battery is dead, you will lose all the adjustments you have made. Just in case, keep a copy of the schedule that works best for your landscape nearby so you can easily reprogram the timer if needed.

Read your user’s manual to learn more about the capabilities of your timer. If it cannot do what you need it to, purchase a new one. And remember, your timer is there to help you water efficiently, but it can only do so if you know it well!